Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, I'm back. After not having the time to make regular visits over the course of the summer I finally got a chance to get out and shoot for a while. Fortunately the Fish Pond is still a popular place for a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

It was incredibly relaxing to be able to sit quietly enjoying the sound of the pond's inlet stream and the wind as it shuffled through the leaves. Watching the wide variety of birds that depend on the pond to get ready for winter is always interesting and there were a lot of them there during this visit. So many in fact that I will save the narrative for my next post and just share a few quick comments and some of the photos from the day.

The bees where very busy taking advantage of the early fall wild flowers.

It looks like the local Mallards were very successful in their breeding this spring. There were certainly a lot of them around.

After several minutes of watching the ducks this young Bald Eagle must have decided try for an easier lunch somewhere else.

The natural soil conditions and lots of recent rain have brought the open areas around the pond to life with wild flowers.

One of the local Great Blue Herons couldn't resist going after this large trout but when it proved to big and slippery he opted for a smaller snack.

Even when they are molting the Wood Ducks are some of the prettiest birds on the pond.

Until my next post don't forget to spend a little quiet time outside!

Have a great one.


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